Fall In Love With The Baby Hair Competition

Fall In Love With The Baby Hair Competition

Professional entry: $ 100

Awards Ist, 2nd, 3rd


In 2021, we stand for the baby hair! In this competition, we challenge you to bring controlled, beautifully designed, flat or 3D baby hair accents to your gorgeous styled hair. You are free to showcase Sew in, quick weave or real hair. 

Have your models hair styling prepped You will have up to 30 minutes to design your baby hair live We will be checking for control, a 

*spiral, pin curl or flat lay baby hair are welcome *5 bonus points for color and/or sparkle accents *We will be judging on hair control, baby hair portion used, and overall design. *5 bonus points for costume and makeup (no gore/no nudity) *Models must strut at the end