Throughout the event, we will put on various showcase competitions designed as a peer-to-peer contest to determine who’s the best in particular categories. Each of these competitions draw out the industry professionals as they are anxious to see what’s new or what their competition might be doing different. We know you have it in you to represent your brand to the fullest, all you must do is sign up!

Spooky Stilletto Competition

This is a turn in Fantasy Freestyle Art Competition in which competitors choose a Halloween related design to incorporate into their nail set. The use of ANY professional nail product, application or style is permitted . Contestants must create a Mixed Media themed display art set. The nail set must consist of 10 manufactured FULL COVERAGE tips in a Stiletto Shape designed and attached to a display board.  No model is needed.  For the 2021 Texas International Beauty and Wellness Expo the Official Pro Nail’d It Spooky Stiletto Nail Art Competition by Quake Nailz rules are as follows:


  1. Once entered competitors must create a mixed media full set with 10 designed manufactured nail tips. Tips must be full coverage with no well. [PressOn Tips, Apres Full Coverage Tips, No Well Tips are allowed] Do not use all one size. Tip size must vary in length as if placed on an actual hand. Must be wearable but attached to a display board made of thick cardstock, foam, foam board, cardboard etc. or any other sturdy material other than glass.

  2. Display board must be 8 x 6” in size, have a smooth finish, not rough. Should be strong and sturdy enough to support the strength of the attached designed nail tips. Board should have smooth, not frayed edges. It should look presentable as a salon nail art display and not a part of the nail design. 

  3. No decorations on the backing/board is allowed and should be one solid color or painted on solid color.  Finished height of the nail art cannot exceed more than 3 inches from the base. Do not allow tip length or nail art to overhang or exceed the size of the board. Do not use a box or board with raised edges. Jewelry boxes, gift boxes etc. are NOT allowed. Board must be flat. 

  4. Pro Nail'd It contestants must choose a design corresponding to the theme. This set can be attached with clear mounting tape, hot glue, nail glue etc.  Sets can be mailed in and postmarked by deadline.  For attendees that will be present, must be turned in at check in. 

  5. Contestants can have up to 2 entries in this category.This is an ALL OUT MIXED MEDIA FREESTYLE  any product, application style, color etc is allowed. Any and all nail art must be made from professional nail products. Any/and or all nail charms, crystals, adornments or pre-made 3d, are allowed. Mixed Media: Contestants must incorporate at least 3 different art mediums > [Example: 3D, encased & flat art. Foils, bling & textured style art. etc.] Tip color, size,shape or length does NOT matter. Your extremities are limited to time constraints, rules and show etiquette.

  6. Contestants will be judged two different ways for this competition and have two different awards for this competition. 

  • Viewers Choice Award.  Guest & Attendees vote on Favorite Set

  • Judges:  Will enter scores independently from viewers' choice. (See Below)


  1.  Competitors must prepare an ART BIO:  

  • Name/Business Name of Contestant

  • Title of Nail Art   

  • An interpretation of your art. You can include products & processes used. 

A typed or legible handwritten 2-5 sentence explanation needs to be completed and turned in at check in or emailed to quakenailz@gmail.com prior to show.Failure to provide this information can result in a 5 point deduction in overall score.


6. Pro Nail’d It Competitors will be Judged on a 1-10 scale totaling 100 points in the following areas:  Art Bio 5pts| Presentation 15pts | Adherence to theme 10pts | Visual Interest 15pts | Color & Balance 10pts | Originality & Creativity 15pts | Complexity & Workmanship 15pts | Overall Impression 15pts |


Entry fee is $50.00 USD 

@ Least 3 competitors 

Trophy for 1st 2nd 3rd with 4th & 5th receiving recognition.


  • Contestants Must Bring completed entry at Check In or

  • Mail In Entries Must Be received by postmarked deadline

  • Scores will be given at a later time with score sheets emailed from quakenailz@gmail.com after the show

  • For mail in entry to be returned submit email to quakenailz@gmail.com


Quake Nailz Will host 2 online Onboarding sessions to go over rules and scoring. Contestants are encouraged to attend & encouraged to share information and posts regarding the 2021 Texas International Beauty and Wellness Show. Please use the following hashtags in reference to the show. #texashairshow #celebrating20years #DallasExpo #Dallashairshow #texashairshows #BeautyandWellnessExpo

Any competitor found not complying with the rules before, during or until the close of the show is subject to possible disqualification and/or point deduction.


To receive the link for onboarding email: Quay Harris quakenailz@gmail.com Use ‘Stiletto OnBoarding’,  in the subject line.  



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