The Texas International Hair and Trade Show was founded by Vincent Shelton.  Few people are aware that the concept for the Texas International Hair and Trade Show got started simply as Vince’s way of finding a more efficient way for his wife, Kim to spend less time in the beauty salon.  He noticed she would be there all day on Saturday’s. The concept would allow her time to be with her family.

Vince came up with the idea to start a website so ladies could simply go online to find a stylist, view their work, and make an appointment.  The website was called D’Styles.com and he had a staff of about 5-6 people working with him to canvas the city to sign up stylist in addition to a web developer to maintain the site.  D’Styles.com eventually grew to include barbers as well.  Cratina Webb joined in as a show partner and became the industry expert for the company. She put in several years in the hair industry and was ready to let her passion soar. Her experience, influence, and drive were a perfect match to Vince’s determination. 


Vince leveraged his 10+ years in the Sales business to begin offering products to the salons which he personally delivered himself before establishing a team to assist with this task.  This essentially launched into a full-time venture as an independent distributor to the salons around the Dallas/Ft. Worth metropolitan area. Over time and with the new relationships established, the journey proceeded.  Drawing from his high school and college days where he threw some of the biggest parties in the D/FW and Texas area, he then leveraged his 15+ year passion as a successful event planner and entertainment broker to establish himself as an independent operator.  From these humble beginnings, combined with his love for people along with his desire to assist newcomers in making a name for themselves in the industry, the Texas International Hair and Trade-show was born.  From the start, the emphasis was always on finding the most cutting-edge model for providing educational and empowerment opportunities to the independent stylist and barbers in the industry.  The result has been the successful launch of new platform artists, show MCs and new industry educators to name a few.


As a strategy for variety and growth, they moved the show around to different Convention Centers within the D/FW metroplex and North Texas area, including Dallas, Mesquite, Marshall, and Arlington for the 2016 show.  Always brainstorming strategies, one of the last conversations he and his brother and business coach had was to introduce a “never before seen” cutting edge collaborative “business model” to fortify the collective strength of the independent stylist, barbers, and distributors in the industry.


In 2013 Vince’s wife Kim Shelton; who had been his number one supporter for all these years, officially joined the staff to quickly learn the business and become a key component in the show as well as a beloved figure herself in the hair industry.  Accompanied by a host of family members (which Vince has included from day one) as key supporters, Kim has assumed many roles that Vince has personally managed himself. In 2015 the Texas International Hair and Trade-show celebrated its 15th anniversary since its inception.


A few months later we lost Vince to a tragic car accident. Even in his passing, he made sure to send a signal to keep the legacy alive. 2016 was the first year the operation ran without his physical presence. However, if you were there you would have felt his spiritual presence. Now, the directors Cratina Webb and Kim Shelton, along with the guidance from their guardian angel Vince Shelton, and the amazing Texas Hair Show team is prepared to wow you.


Directors of The Texas International Hair and Trade Show

Kim Shelton & Cratina Webb