The Texas International Hair and Trade Show will always provide top of the line education. The great thing about it is that this education is all under one roof, and the classes are scheduled so you are able to take up to 3 classes a day. You will experience a new love for your industry after getting inspired by these educators. There are numerous services that are provided in the hair industry. These educators will demonstrate their technique as well as give you a peek into their careers and enlighten you on how to increase your revenue. Education will range from coloring, cutting, barbering, business education, hair weaving, platform artistry, make-up demonstrations, skin care, and much more ALL under one roof. There are always new trends, techniques, and product information out there to learn, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity.


The Texas International Hair and Trade Show is a state-approved CEU event. Please keep visiting the website for update information. 

La Texas International Hair and Trade Show es un evento CEU aprobado por el estado. Siga el enlace de abajo para obtener información adicional del curso.