Quentin Guillory


Xtraordinary Straight Razor Experience

How to perform a professional straight razor shave with live demonstration. Including builders by a ticket with extras such as facial, skin care, tenhancement LAST and the benefits of using steamer. safety control, safety precautions. on what tp do and not do. proper draping for client and barber safety, application of steam towels, razor ztromez along with product knowledge and use.

Xtraordinary Total Shave Experience

This class will cover how to perform a Xtraordinary shave along with skin care, razor bump prevention, mini facial and the benefits of using a steamer in your service. Live demo from beginning to end which includes safety precautions, safety control to protect the client and the barber pre shave, during and post shave. I will also cover skin protection with the razor. Applying enhancements that will longer longer and look more natural. Other tops include draping, applying a steam towel, using a steamer and product knowledge and uses.

Xtraordinary Shave Experience

This class will teach the learner how to perform a complete shave service, Live demonstration, from start to completed service. Safety control and safety precautions on what to do and not do to protect the client as well as the barber. We will cover draping, applying steam towels, benefits of using a steamer, razor strokes, lathering, with product knowledge and use. Also will will cover the Xtraordinary shave and the barbers ability to build a stronger ticket from a simple shave with top notch services as well as customer service.


Litago B Sunday 3:30-4:45