Nedra Monet’


Press Release (Using the Silk Press to Release the Natural Beauty)


Learn techniques to release the beauty of your client’s natural hair. These techniques are sure to turn heads and impress your clients while increasing your revenue.

We will begin with a discussion of the natural hair care journey, and healthy hair care for all types followed by a live Silk Press demonstration. During the demonstration I’ll share with you “MY” art and love of the Silk Press.”

Topics are as follows:

– What is the “ Silk Press and how it differs from the traditional Press-N- Curl?” Learn the DO’s and DONT’s of the Silk Press.

-How to build your foundation, knowing the appropriate shampoo and conditioner
to use for doing a silk press

-$$Building your ticket while doing a Silk Press (add on’s)$

-The importance of Steaming and Deep Conditioning the hair before the Silk Press

-How to enhance your Silk Press with the best blow dry techniques.

-Diverse textures and appropriate flatiron temperatures to use on each.

-(The art of the single pass) proper flat iron techniques.

-The advantages and disadvantages of diverse flatiron plates and how they distribute

-Electric flat irons vs. marcel flat irons and the pressing comb.

– The honest truth…. (Will my curls revert?…)

– How often should I Silk Press my client?

-The finishing touches

-The benefits of the saran wrap method.

-Home maintenance for clients.

-Take home products and retailing.

-How to work out with a Silk Press

-Q&A & Give – Aways

Participants will leave this session with the skills needed to give their clients the sleek look they desire while cultivating healthy hair. Don’t miss this opportunity to wow your clients and build your worth! Remember use the “Silk press to press the hair and release the natural beauty!”