Nacolia “Boss Lady” Gipp


Building Wealth With Custom Wigs


Boss Lady will provide detailed information and demonstration on making a Custom Wig for clients with Alopecia, Thinning or other Hair Loss issues. The Custom Wig Technique allows the stylist to create a Natural , Unique and Custom sized wig for clients that usually get a traditional sew-in or couldn’t get a sew-in due to Hair Loss issues. This method allows less time in the salon, more revenue for the stylist and will provide a solution for clients with hair loss issues. This technique is highly recommended for your clients who:

  • *Have Alopecia or Hair Loss Issues
  • *Seek to eliminate damage caused by traditional sew-in weaves
  • *Desire less salon time than traditional weaves
  • *Like to change hairstyle frequently
  • *Want low maintenance hairstyles
  • * Creative Payment Options