Kat Hiskey


The Weave Buddy

The Patent Pending Weave Buddy System is a safe, non-surgical, non-toxic, non-damaging hair replacement technology for the installation of sensational looking healthy hair.

The Weave Buddy Specialist One On One Workshop Includes:
Non-Exclusive rights to Weave Buddy Full line of products

Unlimited consultation time regarding trouble shooting or questions.
Weave Buddy Specialist Discounts on all Weave Buddy products.
Weave Buddy HERO Specialist Certificate of Completion to be displayed in your salon.
Weave Buddy marketing materials including 100 business cards and 25 brochures.
Access to the Weave Buddy Forum. This provides you with access to other Weave Buddy Specialists to discuss common questions and “Best Use” practices, answers to questions and testimonials.
The Weave Buddy Training includes: Video instruction and hands-on workshops included with detailed explanation illustrating proper Weave Buddy installation for safe, optimal weaving procedures and techniques that include:

A. How to apply Edge Protectors for severely damaged hairline edges to conserve the client’s natural hair and edges.

B. How to apply Edge and Scalp Units for severely damaged scalp to stop painful hair pulling and tearing.

C. How to apply closures and frontals on severely damaged scalp in a way that alleviates tension and pulling.

D. How to apply our Skinz.™ for a natural part.

Phelam Sunday 3:30-4:45  Monday 2:00-3:15