Dr. Tye Caldwell


Why Client Retention Should be Your #1 Metric & 4 Ways to Increase It

Business Name: ShearShare, Inc.

Category: Business

Riata A Sunday 12:30pm-1:45pm

As licensed beauty and barbering professionals, we suffer financially when we lose a client, so it is imperative that we keep customers satisfied and coming back for more. With 60% of the average book of business turning over every 6-8 years due to stylist relocations, a client moving, salons closing down, etc., losing a client means less money in your pocket. But that was then. Today you have options to reverse the cycle. Join Dr. Tye Caldwell, a 25-year industry veteran and award-winning salon owner, as he shares 4 tried-and-true ways how NOT to lose a client again. As CEO of beauty-tech startup ShearShare, Dr. Tye has helped thousands of stylists win in an ever-changing industry . . . and he can do the same for you.