Adam Tran


10 Tips for Success to become a beauty professional

Get ready to be inspired on how to start an amazing career as a nail stylist. 10 Tips for Success is an exciting, innovative class taught by one of the leading beauty industry professionals Adam Tran. This class is an opportunity for students to learn vital business skills and nail style techniques to become a professional stylist. If you aspire to be more than a nail technician then this is the perfect class for you!

Lesson Topics
1. The Nail Industry – Money to be made
2. Technician vs. Stylist – Understanding your title
3. Understanding Industry Products 4. Building Relationships
5. Networking
6. Diversifying your salon
7. Marketing, advertising, and branding
8. Searching outside the box
9. Mastering Artificial Nail Tips
10. Inspire and motivate yourself
11. Plus 4 demos to inspire your creativity

Riata B Monday 12:30-1:45