Jimmie Sanders "Lash Out With Extensions"

"Lash Out With Extensions" Come Look and Learn/get hands on with Strand by Stand with Ms. Jimmie!! If you are not offering these you should.....Licensed Professionals... Lash it Up Time: 3:30-5:00 Class Room: Latigo B   More

Nairobi – Bringing Business to the Forefront & Product Knowledge

Bringing Business to the Forefront & Product Knowledge   Business Instructor: Antonio Smith   Class Description: Analyzing Increasing Revenue Money Management Marketing Strategy   Time: Sunday and Monday - Center Stage Room: Center Stage Exhibit Floor Price: Free More

Tomeka James and The Weave X-Perts: "Explosive Wigs" (Sunday) & Mix it up – A Weaving (Monday)

U-Part• Open top• Lace Added• Sewn • Bonded• Partial Customized wigs can make you a lot of money and steady clients. Clients are tired of store bought wigs that don't give them a good fit or the color and style they want. Find out which base and materials are needed. Stop guessing. Let the Weave X-PERTS team show you how to make ... More

Tish Sutton :Secret to Building a STRONG brand(Sunday) and Re-start Your Engine(Monday)

 Class Description:  Tish Sutton :Secret to Building a STRONG brand and Re-start Your Engine   Time: 3:30pm-4:30pm  Sunday and Monday Room: Cayuse Price: Free   More

Coach Spencer: Salon Management 101 Introductory Seminar $350,000.00 Salon/Barbershop (SUNDAY ONLY)

 4 Key Components to effective salon/shop growth SALON MANAGEMENT 101 Learn the 4 key components of SALON MANAGEMENT and how to EFFECTIVELY measure the growth of  Client Attraction Client Retention Staff Attraction Staff Productivity Also learn how to know if you have the right Team, Mission, and Leadership in place for ... More

Justin Kace: – Start, Maintain, Repair & Style Locs Training(Sunday) and Hair Ventilation::(Monday)

Start, Maintain, Repair & Style Locs Training   Class Description: Learn 4 exciting, fast and profitable techniques for starting, maintaining, repairing and styling locs in 1 power packed seminar. We will show you how to become a loc service specialist and increase your income. Also gain knowledge on what to charge for the servic... More

Razor Chic of Atlanta: "Pixie Cut" (Sunday) & "Wave Technique" (Monday)

Instructor Bio: Sunday: Razor Chic Pixie Cut Monday: Razor Chic Wave Technique *******THESE ARE LOOK AND LEARN CLASSES   ******TO REGISTER FOR THIS CLASS PLEASE VISIT:     * Time: 11:00am-1:00pm Sunday and Monday Room: Latigo B ***Class rooms and times are tentative and could change at ... More

Candice Webb- 24 Beatdown essential tips for maximizing your money and makeovers

Class Description: 24  Beatdown Learn some essential tips for maximizing your money and  makeovers Class Description 24  Beatdown Learn some essential tips for maximizing your money and  makeovers by creating flawless looks that will last for hours.     Instructor Bio:         Time: 11:00-12:00 ... More

"TEXAS T" : The Unbeweavable

Class Title: The Unbeweavable   Class Topics: Displaying different weavingtechniques Custom color on commercial/human hair Custom unit Sell yourself as a brand Setting trends Being Professional Class Description: A high-impact class on weaving techniques using commercial hair and your creative mind, allowing you to create differ... More